Open Letter in Support of Funder Open Publishing Mandates

We, the undersigned, believe that the world's scholarly literature is a public resource that only achieves its full value when it is freely available to all. For too long we have tolerated a pay-for-access business model for scholarly journals that is inequitable, impedes progress in our fields, and denies the public the full benefit of our work. We therefore welcome efforts on the part of public and private research funders to require that publications based on work they fund be made immediately freely and openly available without restrictions on access or use.

Funders are uniquely positioned to transform scholarly publishing by changing the explicit and implicit rules under which we all operate. We recognize that funder mandates may superficially limit our publishing options in the short term, but believe they will lead to a system that optimizes what we really care about: maximizing the reach of our scholarship and its value to the research community and public.

We understand that effective scholarly communication costs money, and support substantial investment in this endeavor, but only if it allows everyone to freely access and use the scholarly literature. We acknowledge that challenges remain, especially ensuring that all scholars everywhere have the unfettered ability to freely share their work and have their contributions recognized. And we therefore commit to continue working with funders, universities, research institutions and other stakeholders until we have created a stable, fair, effective and open system of scholarly communication.

- Nathaniel Legall, Research Ecologist, Somerset Wildlife Trust, United Kingdom
- Mohammad A. Almajhadi, PhD student, University of California, Irvine , USA
- Bryan Lougheed, Researcher, LSCE, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, France
- Kelly Schiabor Barrett, Assistant Professor and Early Career Investigator, Geisinger National , USA
- Luc de Witte, professor, University of Sheffield, UK
- Louis Marti, PhD Student, UC Berkeley, USA
- Zach Kowalik, Entrepreneur , OAM, USA
- Carlos Quispe Geronimo, Professor, UNMSM, Perú
- Pablo Iriarte, Librarian, University of Geneva, Switzerland
- Gildenir Carolino Santos, Librarian, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
- Sigurgeir Finnsson, Librarian, National and University Library of Iceland, Iceland
- Thiago Moulin, PhD, Researcher, Uppsala University, Sweden
- Ameet Doshi, Librarian, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
- Ghulam Subhan, Professor, Swat City School and College, PakistanG
- Hector Requena N., Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Chiriqui, Panama
- Achintya Rao, Science communicator / Doctoral student, CERN / UWE Bristol, Switzerland
- Ana Paula Herrmann, Assistant Professor, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil
- Alexander Kouker, Librarian, Dublin City University, Ireland
- Maria Lerm, Professor, Linköping University, Sverige
- Jody Bailey, scholarly communications librarian, Emory University Libraries, United States

And 1924 others - see complete list here.

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